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Free shipping for all orders over $100
Liquid Extract Value Packs

Liquid Extract Value Packs

  • Lifecykel Full Shroom Service
  • Lifecykel The Biohacker Set™
    Lifecykel The Biohacker Set™
    Original Price $174.75
    Current Price $148.95

    The Biohacker Set®

    The Ultimate Professional Biohacker Value Pack The Original Biohacker Set® includes the following Double Liquid Extracts:  • Lion's Mane • Cordy...

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  • Lifecykel This Is It Pack
  • Lifecykel Alcohol Free Biohacker Set™
  • Lifecykel The PM Pack
  • Lifecykel The Performance Pack
  • Lifecykel Professional Athletes Pack
  • Lifecykel The Zen Pack
  • Lifecykel The Defense Pack
  • Lifecykel The AM Pack
  • Lifecykel The Glow Pack
  • Lifecykel The Beauty Pack
  • Lifecykel The Harmony Pack
  • Lifecykel Mush Love Bundle

Liquid Extract Value Packs

We have paired to together a variety of our Liquid Extracts that complement each other so that you can use them in different combinations, ultimately enhancing your mushroom experience.