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Free shipping for all US orders over $100 & Canadian orders over $200
Free shipping for all US orders over $100 & Canadian orders over $200

About Us

From Humble Beginnings...

Julian and Ryan co-founded Life Cykel in 2015 in Perth, Australia. They were on a mission to harness the Circular Economy to grow gourmet mushrooms from coffee waste and reconnect people with fresh and sustainable food. They engaged the public through crowd funding schemes and by working with local communities and schools.

As they began to gain popularity they started to think of ways to expand their knowledge of mushrooms and how they can benefit the world. From there, Life Cykel began its transformative journey and they have been expanding rapidly ever since. Life Cykel has now naturally evolved into a diverse company, catering to the needs of people all across the globe. a mushrooming business!

Life Cykel has now transformed into an evolutionary mushroom biotechnology company that is harnessing the great potential that mushrooms possess. Life Cykel’s mission is to deliver the highest possible ethos attached to incredible, professional products to those that wish to upgrade their wellness and reach their true potential.


Such products include their world famous full spectrum double liquid extracts infused with wild harvested Australia Kakadu Plum, which are developed using a unique double extraction process in their laboratories in Australia and USA. All of Life Cykel’s extracts are professionally developed and rigorously tested by their in-house scientists.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We pride ourselves in producing some of the highest quality and bioavailable mushroom products that are grown outside of China and fuse them with unique native ingredients from Australia to amplify the benefits of our functional mushrooms.

We do all this whilst striving to have the lightest environmental impact in the process.

You can have confidence and trust in the power of mushrooms with Life Cykel

We sincerely hope you enjoy our mushroom products and wish that they will enrich your life in the best way possible.

For any questions, suggestions and feedback you can always email us at

Best wishes from the Life Cykel Team