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Free shipping for all US orders over $100 & Canadian orders over $200

Professional Athletes

Join The Mushroom Revolution

These top professional athletes have discovered the power of mushrooms to reach their peak.

What are you waiting for?


Former UFC bantamweight champion


"I take life cykel to power through my day"


Professional Surfer competing in the World Surfing League


"The first night I took it I just had the deepest best sleep that I have had in a very long time"


Professional MMA and BJJ Fighter


"This is all about creative lifestyle, positive changes within"


Current UFC Welterweight Champion

'The Nigerian Nightmare'


"Lion's Mane mushroom is one of the most powerful in the kingdom... I like to start my day with it"


MMA Fighter in Women's UFC Strawweight division


"For the workout freaks like me that loves a push before a hard workout, Cordyceps is the one for you"


Professional Bellator MMA Fighter


"I can't really rave about these products enough"

"It's very very powerful"

Professional Athletes Pack

Get your ultimate Professional Athletes Pack and reach your peak!


The perfect combination of mushrooms to help you perform at your best, every time.

We have put together this pack to support your pre and post work out rituals.

Get your head in the game with Lion's Mane, prepare your body to move with Cordyceps and rest and restore your body with Reishi!