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Mushroom Extracts for Pet Health

Mushroom Extracts for Pet Health

Dr Lu Fenny - Holistic Vet @ Home

Holistic Vet, Dr Lu Fenny, talks about mushroom benefits for pet health:

"Did you know mushrooms can be of great benefit to your dog's health?"

"Turkey Tail has been shown to be an effective pre-biotic. Now, this is going to have beficial effects on the intestinal microbiome for dogs who have digestive and gut problems."

"Reishi has been found to have a really calming effect on the nervous system. For dogs with anxiety this might be really helpful for them."

"Lion's Mane has been shown to reduce inflammation in the joints and help with brain fog. So for these reasons it can be really helpful for old dogs with arthritis and dementia."

"Chaga is known to be the 'King of Mushrooms' because it's the most effective with boosting the support of the immune system. Really helpful for dogs and cats who are already sick or are stressed and hence at risk of getting sick."

"For dogs that suffer from skin and ear infection problems, Shiitake can be of real help, along with the right diet."

"Unlike a lot of the herbs and meds that I dispensed to my patients, these ones are really easy to get down. Add them to either their food or their water, some pets like to drink them directly down." 

The entire set of 5 mushroom extracts is available here in the Life Cykel Pets Biohacker Set:



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