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Pro Surfer Owen Wright biohacks with Life Cykel

Pro Surfer Owen Wright biohacks with Life Cykel

Owen Wright
Owen Wright, Professional Surfer and Olympic Bronze Medallist, has an amazing story. In 2015, during preparation for his final competition of the year, he fell from his board and wiped out. A 4.5 meter wave knocked him out and left him unconscious. Owen had suffered a blood effusion in the brain and was diagnosed with a brain injury. He was unable to walk, had  slowed speech, anxiety, adrenaline outbursts and headaches.

A few years into his recovery, he was recommended Lion's Mane from a friend.  "The first night I took it I just had the deepest, best sleep I've had in a very long time. I was just peppering him with texts the next day, just going, "This is outrageous! Like, how can this be so noticeable?" I have nearly tried everything under the sun to get to sleep and to get the things back I need to get back to be performing at the level I want to."

"After a head injury, I haven't tried anything that been, like, instantly recognisable. I tried a lot of other things and it worked on some level, but this just by itself was like, well, that's a game changer, so I couldn't be happier with taking it."

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Owen won the bronze medal in Surfing for Australia. "After the injury I had to learn everything again, but since I got to the Olympics, it means I am definitely back."

We spoke to Owen about how he biohacks with Life Cykel mushroom extracts.

Owen Wright - Lion's Mane Oral Spray

"I've been incorporating mushrooms into my morning routine for nearly three years now. Cordyceps and Lion's Mane. I usually take before a heat or before a surf. I just find Cordyceps gives me so much more oxygen, so much more gas in the tank."
The Performance Pack

"Lion's Mane, I just feel so much clarity and flow. I feel really sharp and on point."
Lion's Mane+ Liquid Double Extract 60ml
"After training, I bring my system back down quickly. I take Reishi, I find it's really good at calming, I also take it before bed and get really good sleep. Before, I'd find that I'd be hyped up with anxiety, thoughts and so many things going on during the day, sometimes you just need a little bit of help to calm down."
Reishi+ Liquid Double Extract 60ml
"When I'm on the road, I actually take Turkey Tail for my gut. I find I eat pretty badly when I'm on the road, I don't know about you guys, but I get messed up from that. I take Turkey Tail  to get through that trouble."
Turkey Tail+ Liquid Double Extract 60ml
"Shiitake, I've been taking for a while... and that's for my hair! I've been trying to hang on to that for a while! Some of my mates have been ripping me about my hair going, but it's actually holding on, man! It's still going good! So yeah, Shiitake's good for hair, skin and nails."
Shiitake+ Liquid Double Extract 60ml
"That's how I use Life Cykel extracts and how I take them. Three years now and I haven't stopped."

The full set of mushroom extracts is available in The Biohacker Set here:
The Biohacker Set
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